Business 3.0

Aalto University School of Business will move to University’s main campus at Otaniemi in 2019.

It’s both a physical move to a brand new building, and a mental move from the iconic old location to a world of new opportunities.

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Days before moving

Mood of the building

The main function of the new School of Business building is to provide a safe, attractive, functional and inspiring working and learning environment.

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New School of Business building
Verstas Architects
Cluster stairs
Verstas Architects
Restaurant and Wine bar Arvo

Concept & focus areas


Open and embedded

Business 3.0 represents open culture and low hierarchy. With its central location, Aalto BIZ welcomes all. As digitalization transforms the way we work and study, face-to-face interactions will acquire new meaning and form. As societal embeddedness grows, the surrounding society, alumni and partner networks will play an even more important role in the on-campus experience. Alumni and other stakeholders are invited to be part of the new building and campus through the sharing of stories, heritage and information.

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Concept & identity focus areas


Immersive and focused working

Our world has never been more connected, making us appreciate space to focus or recharge. A crucial part of collaborative working and studying is focused work. As a contrast to interaction and co-working, there are also spaces at the ne School of Business building that are quiet and allow users to focus either alone or in groups. Digital tools will support networking and help people when they want to stay connected, whether they are together or alone.

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Concept & identity focus areas


Inventions happen in teams

The new building will function as a catalyst for encounters and networks. Social capital and peers are one of the key takeaways for students. The school facilitates teamwork and the understanding of different disciplines and people, both within the business school and with other Aalto schools. New inventions occur as these multidisciplinary teams form. After all, learning happens in a social context. 1+1+1=4

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Concept & identity focus areas


Academic meets business

The School of Business is a leading and attractive research institution, yet business-minded. It has a unique approach to teaching that uses real-life cases to narrow the gap between studying and business life and enables students to prototype their possible career paths. The school clearly, proudly and visibly communicates these activities and achievements to a wider audience in research, education and business. Open business data and open research are bound together. Welcome to the empirical wonderland!

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