These instruction are for Aalto University School of Business’ faculty and staff to help them understand what should be archived, digitalized or recycled.

How to get the cleaning started:

  • Start the organizing in time and make time for organizing.
  • If there are large amounts of material that are not organized, Cleaning Coordinator can visit you and help you get started.
  • Remember to take breaks!


Archived documents are to be send to Arkisto

  • Aalto University’s / HSE’s documents: i.e. minutes (including departments), memos, annual reports, other reports, statistics
  • Official documents sent to Aalto University / HSE, i.e. appeals, reports, contracts, testaments
  • Aalto University / HSE PR-materials, i.e. brochures, invitations, posters samples
  • Documents concerning Learning services (LES), HR and Fiscal Services are handled at the school service units
  • Other material such as notable professor’s personal or working documents or other possibly historically significant material (documents, pictures etc.), please contact archives for further instructions

Research Projects

  • Documents concerning research projects, i.e. Tekes, EU, are kept in project folders (projektimappi) and the unit is responsible for the storage and disposal.
  • Original contracts are archived by Research and Innovation Services (RIS)
  • Research and background material of research projects: the significance of the material is to be considered case by case
  • For further information contact and see Inside pages

Basic rules on organizing materials

  • Organize documents according to the content
  • Label the content of the materials

Sending document to archives

  • Before sending material always contact Archives for instructions on how to organize the material
  • Include the name and unit of the sender in covering note
  • Address: Arkisto/PL 11000
Tip: If you have any questions concerning archiving please contact Aalto archives!


Digitizing documents (stored 20 years or less)

  1. Select the digitized documents
  2. Remove copies and other irrelevant material
  3. Organize the documents according to the content
  4. Plan the labeling of files carefully & make an excel or other easily searchable document on the digitized content & plan how you describe the content of the files to the excel (cataloguing)
  5. Restrictions: Does the material include personal data? Is there any other restricted data? Does the material form a register? Who has access to the files? How do you keep them safe? Where do you keep them safe? Who’s responsible for retention of the files?

NOTE: Digitizing should be always planned by the owner i.e Researcher/Professor etc.

Tip: Contact Eevi ( once you have the materials sorted.

Books, theses and dissertations

Theses and dissertations

  • Send copies of bachelors’ thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation to Learning Centre

Books and Aalto/HSE publication series

  • Send books or Aalto/HSE publications to Learning Centre
  • If possible, start sending books and Aalto/HSE publications in May or later, as there is currently not much space for handling printed materials in Learning Centre
  • If you must send materials before May, please contact Harri Maikola (050 316 1021 or
Tip: Address for sending theses, dissertations, books, and Aalto/HSE publications: Aalto-yliopiston oppimiskeskus room P011 PL 17000


Disposable documents

  • Retention period of the document has expired. For further assistance contact
  • Working copies, notes and other preparation material of finished matters
  • Copies of other organizations’ documents, brochures, magazines etc.
  • Document’s retention period has expired. Check the retention period in the Records
  • Management Plan
  • Documents concerning preparation (retention period is usually 2 yrs)
  • Different versions of documents
  • Your own copies
  • Irrelevant ppt presentations etc. that have no further use or historical meaning
  • Documents containing personal data or other confidential information need to be disposed in the information security bins
  • Other papers in the paper recycling bins

Memorysticks and CDs

  • A locked container will be delivered to each building during June 2018


  • Digital storage medias are disposed by the IT-services
  • Please take computers to IT, who will empty them before recycling


  • Every building, wing, and floor will have recycling containers
  • The containers will be emptied every other week
  • If the containers are full, please contact janitors. See details below.

Book recycling

  • Recycling space in each building
  • Take & leave
  • Spaces will be cleared after 15.2.2019


Locations of the Recycling points: Arkadia: Floor 1, next to the janitor's office Chydenia: Floor 0, reading hall Economicum: tbc Main Building: Floor 0, room A022

Contact Information

Archive (questions about documents)

IT services (questions about digital storage medias)

Learning Centre
Harri Maikola/ (questions about books, thesis and dissertations

Questions etc.
Eevi Huhtamaa/

Full containers

Cleaning Coordinators
See contact persons

Cleaning timetable 2018

March 7th 2018
Cleaning kick-off

Responsible people from each Department and Unit

Where to find information
– How and what to clean
– Setting a date to plan how to make a cleaning schedule

Super Cleaning weeks

Cleaning coordinators:
Book free lunch for your Unit/Dept. by contacting Eevi

Super Cleaning weeks

Cleaning coordinators:
Book free lunch for your Unit/Dept. by contacting Eevi

Super Cleaning weeks

Cleaning coordinators:
Book free lunch for your Unit/Dept. by contacting Eevi

Super Cleaning weeks

Cleaning coordinators:
Book free lunch for your Unit/Dept. by contacting Eevi

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