Building the future

The new building will offer new opportunities for the School of Business to continue our work for a better society through better business.

We need your support to ensure that we can offer:

  • Future generations of business students a profound learning experience with real-life challenges and international exposure;
  • Our scholars the opportunity to do ambitious research to help us better address key business and societal challenges; and
  • The School the possibility to engage and serve alumni, corporations, policy makers and society at large

How to donate

In the donation form, please choose either the fund

Kauppatieteet / Business and Economics
International Student Exchange – business studies
Uusi Kauppakorkeakoulu/New home for the School of Business

and make a donation here.

Read more about donations and tax deduction possibilities at the end of this page.

Please note that the pictures used on these pages are Designer’s preliminary illustrations of our new building

Tradition of support

The School of Business would not exist without the generous donations of our supporters in the late 1940’s when the Main Building in Töölö was built.

The supporters are commemorated in the lobby of the Töölö building, and we now wish to transfer this heritage to our new building in Otaniemi.


Leave your mark

By supporting business studies and leaving your mark, you will continue to be a part of learning as our School enters an exciting new era.

We offer an opportunity for our supporters to be recognized in the new building through two options:

  • Named seats in lecture halls
  • Donors’ Wall


Named seats

This recognition is offered to every individual who has donated or will donate, since the inception of Aalto University, a total of 1000 euros or more to business studies at Aalto University.

  • For example, if you have already donated 850 euros to business studies, by making an additional donation of 150 euros or more, your donation is eligible for a named seat.
  • If your new, additional donation is 250 euros or more, it is also eligible for a named piece in the Donors’ Wall.

The seats will be personalized with a brass plate with the individual donor’s name. The plate cannot be left empty.

Act quickly – there are a limited number of seats available, and over fifty have already been reserved!

There can only be one named seat per donor, and the seats are allocated in the order of reservations.

All donors, who have reserved a named seat by Monday 31.12.2018 will receive a VIP invitation to an event hosted at the new School of Business building before the official opening ceremony of the building.

Preliminary picture: Lammhults/Carousel chair

Donors' Wall

Available for all new donations targeted to business studies made between 1.9.2018 and 31.12.2018:

  • Single donations of 250 euros or more made by an individual
  • Single donations of 2,500 euros or more made by a group consisting of individuals
  • Single donations of 10,000 euros or more made by a company, foundation or other organization

The name of the donor individual, group or organization is engraved in a discreet way on a piece that is then included in the Donors’ Wall.
If you choose not to have your name engraved on the piece, it can be identified by its serial number.

There can only be one piece per donor and only one name per piece.
There are a limited number of pieces available, and they are allocated in the order of reservations.

All pieces reserved by 31.12.2018 will be included in the Donors’ Wall, which will be revealed in the official opening ceremony of the building.

Support your Alma Mater!

You can donate at:

To be eligible for the recognition through a named seat or the Donors’ Wall, in the donation form at the section titled “Lahjoituskohde” or “Fund” (in English version), please choose one of these options:

  • Business and Economics to support the field of business and economics
  • International Student Exchange – business studies to provide international experiences for our students by supporting study exchange and internships abroad
  • New home for the School of Business to bring our heritage and spirit to the state-of-the-art building in Otaniemi

The donations are tracked on a monthly basis, and those that are eligible for a named chair or the Donors’ Wall, will be contacted and offered the naming opportunity. You may also notify us about your donation at
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Note that donors are entitled to tax deduction, see more below!

Tax deduction opportunity

From the beginning of 2016 individuals have also become eligible for tax deductions on donations. Donations between 850 euros and 500 000 euros per year are deductible and the total donation sum may consist of separate installments. Read more: donation deductions for individuals.

For corporations donations between 850 euros and 250 000 euros per year are deductible, read more: donation deductions for businesses and corporations.

Fundraising permit

Aalto University has a fundraising permit granted by the National Police Board. The permit is valid from 1 January 2018 through 31 December 2022 throughout Finland, except for the Åland Islands. The number of the fundraising permit is RA/2017/1277.


Please contact us at