Video: Tour of the School’s new building in Otaniemi

The Top Management Team of Aalto University School of Business visited the construction site of the School’s new building in Otaniemi. Watch the video to get a glimpse of what the new building looks like and to hear about its key features from Dean Ingmar Björkman.

One of the advantages of the new building is that for the first time in many decades all departments will be under one roof. This will allow for even greater collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas across both researchers and graduate students. Furthermore, the new building will offer better meeting areas and teamwork spaces for students, researchers and staff.

Light is a key element in terms of the building’s design. Architects wanted to make sure there is as much natural light as possible by having large floor-to-ceiling windows and an open design across the four floors.

The building consists of four floors. The ground floor will include a restaurant, a cafe and teaching premises. The upper floors will host additional modern teaching facilities, a learning hub for students, meeting and team space for both staff and students, as well as offices for faculty and staff.

The new building is located at the heart of the Aalto University campus. The closest neighbor will be the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, with which the School will share some spaces. The building is also close to the Undergraduate and Learning Centers, as well as all of the other schools of Aalto University. Students and staff will also have easy access to the metro station and all the services of the shopping center that is currently being constructed.

The new home of the School of Business will be finished by summer 2019 so School of Business will start the academic year 2019-2020 in brand new premises.