The new building will have four floors:

Ground Floor: Restaurant and Wine bar Arvo, 2 Cabinets, Café Kylteri and 5 Lecture halls

1st Floor: Deans, Service Units, Department of Marketing, BIZ Learning HUB, open working space and several meeting rooms

2nd Floor: Department of Management Studies and Department of Information and Service Management

3rd Floor: Department of Finance, Department of Accounting and Department of Economics, BIZ Lounge & Terrace

To be noted

  • Meeting rooms
    Both students and staff can book meeting rooms
  • Kitchens
    Located in the same module on floors 1-3
    Reserved for staff
  • Printing facilities
    One multi printer per floor
  • Showers
    One shower and changing room per floor
    Reserved for staff

Ground Floor

On the same level of the main entrance, we will have our show-stoppers:

  • Restaurant and Wine bar Arvo
  • Café Kylteri
  • 5 Lecture halls
  • 2 Cabinets

All the spaces are designed for our needs, for us to be able to interact and meet each other easily.

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1st Floor

On the first floor we have a variety of different teams:

  • Deans
  • Service Units: Finance, HR, External Relations and Communications
  • Department of Marketing

On this floor we also have spaces that are open for everyone:

  • BIZ Learning HUB
  • Open working space
  • 9 Meeting rooms in various sizes

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2nd Floor

On the second floor we will have two Departments:

  • Department of Management Studies
  • Department of Information and Service Management

3rd Floor

The third floor will be shared between three Departments:

  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Economics

There will also be BIZ Lounge & Terrace, which has awesome views over the Otaniemi Campus. And the best part, anyone can use it!

Look & Feel

KOKO3 has chosen these materials for us, and the combinations vary a little from floor to floor. They give an idea of the feeling in our new building.

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Ground Floor
by KOKO3
1st Floor
by KOKO3
2nd Floor
by KOKO3
3rd Floor
by KOKO3

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