Interior Design

The Interior Visual Identity is based on Architectural Concept, Business 3.0 Concept, and Identity & Heritage of the School.

Identity has been created together with our interior architects KOKO3, Verstas Architects and a team of people from the Business School.

Furniture Discussions, May 2018

Please download the material from Furniture discussions here:

Furniture discussions material

Key points

  • Use of colour
    Classic – yet vibrant colour pallette
    Natural and muted colors with twists and contrasts
  • Beautiful interior lights
    Classic yet contemporary interior light features
  • Unique for School of Business
    Special pattern design for our building – can be in interior walls, details etc.
    Handcrafted details

Architectural Concept

Building principles

  • The building consists of alternating brick and glass blocks
  • The outside facade continues inside and turns inside into vertical oak and light coloured surfaces

Concept Design Work

Some key words related to the mood of the building will be translated into the interior design: authentic, dignified, warm, safe and sustainable

Selected Business 3.0 concepts will be materialized on the Ground Floor:

  • the wine bar
  • the clock
  • donor´s monument
  • encountering pop-ups

Identity and Heritage

Aalto University School of Business, former Helsinki School of Economics

  • Physical identity and heritage Architecture and interior of Töölö, art works and furniture
  • Academic history and heritage
  • History of the academic change (somehow) present
  • Personal history and heritage
  • What makes us who we are today

Look & Feel

These illustrations have been made to give a feeling of the future design. The colours or designs have not been decided and may change.
These pictures give an idea of the whole design on Ground Floor which will host main entrance, restaurant, café and lecture halls.

Entrance, Ground Floor
by KOKO3
Restaurant and Wine bar Arvo
by KOKO3
Café Kylteri
by KOKO3
Harvard style hall
by KOKO3

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