Meeting rooms

Our new building will have more meetig rooms for both students and staff.
On the ground floor will be 2 cabinets and on the 1st floor 9 meeting rooms.

Other meeting rooms on the floors will be reserved for Departments and Units.

Please note that all of our illustrations are preliminary.

Ground Floor meeting rooms

0007 and X010 Cabinets

New cabinets will be located near Restaurant and Wine bar Arvo. Both have elegant and vibrant colour schemes, which are supported by round tables and comfortable chairs.

  • X010, 6 people
  • 0007, 8 people

1st Floor meeting rooms

V101 Istuntosali

Our legendary board room will be redone in the new building.

  • V101 Istuntosali, 20 people

Other meeting rooms

These 6 meeting rooms are available for both students and staff:

  • V114, 10 people
  • V116, 4 people
  • V117, 8 people
  • V119, 8 people
  • V120, 8 people
  • V122, 8 people

Meeting rooms for staff:

  • U113, 12 people
  • 1004, 12 people