The new home of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Väre, has open its doors to the first staff members on July 2nd 2018.
22 people from School of Business’ shared programmes have now brand new working spaces on the second floor of the R module.

Students can access Väre from August 20th 2018 onwards. On the same date, fifteen new Aalto workshops will open on the ground floor of Väre.
The A Bloc shopping centre will open on August 30th 2018 and with its restaurants and cafés,  it will surely become a natural meeting place for the Aalto University community.

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The corridoors were still quiet on July 2nd 2018.

IT Servicedesk R101


New IT Servicedesk has open its doors on R101.
During July 2018 the servicedesk is open from 1 to 3 pm.
From August 2018 onwards they’ll be open between 12-3 pm.

This IT Servicedesk will be the closest one for School of Business after the relocation.

Office spaces in R207 and R208


Shared modules include people from

  • International Design Business Management (IDBM)
  • Aalto Global Impact (AGI)
  • Creative Sustainability (CS)
  • Sustainability

Offices are located in the rooms R201, R207 and R208. The offices are multifunctional and they were designed to encourage interaction between different programmes.
Interior Design was made by Suvi Hirvonen/KVA Architects, and it differs from both School of Business and School of Arts design plans.

Coordinators in R201


Programmes have decided to seat their Coordinators in one room, so interaction between them and the students will be easier. The room has a great view to the cluster stairs through the glass wall.

ARTS BIZ Lounge and Research rooms


The new ARTS BIZ lounge on 3rd floor of the R module will seat Researchers and Post Docs from both Schools. The chosen furniture in the lounge will support working in groups and individually.

The separate rooms can be reserved for 1-7 days, the reservation system and rules will be released in August.

‘Leijonan osa’ sculpture by Lotta Mattila in Lounge R301

Lecture halls in Q and R modules


Read more about the shared lecture halls at Väre here:

Lecture halls