First two cleaning weeks from March 26th to April 6th have arrived to School of Business.
Departments and Units have their first SuperCleaningDays during these weeks and great progress has already been made.

Mia Mustonen, Business 3.0 Facility Coordinator, trusts that the School will be cleaned and packed in time, even if the task might seem monstrous now.
‘We decided to start SuperCleaningWeeks already in Spring 2018, so we will have enough time to really go through our spaces. You wouldn’t believe the things we have found in the forgotten storage rooms! The craziest might be one copper head that we found in Arkadia. It was in the corner of a dark room, of course’ Mia tells.
‘I am sure we all will come across strange things as we clean, so please contact us if you’re unsure what to do’ Mia reminds. You can see all contact details from our Cleaning-page:

As it is our first time to do SuperCleaningWeeks, we really appreciate all feedback. We have already noticed that the recycling points lack storage, so extra containers will be delivered.

Mia’s tips for making cleaning easier:

  • Browse what you are actually cleaning. Go through the room first and it’ll be easier to deal with.
  • Clean one group at a time. See whether you’re deciding which books to keep or sorting papers.
  • Clean a little less, but more often. You’ll make progress and the containers won’t get clogged.
  • Start now! The sooner you get started, the sooner it will be done and you can enjoy your clean space in Töölö.