Wall Art for Väre building: Student Art Competition 9.3.-15.5.2018

A student art competition has been launched to find ideas for an art work for a wall by Väre building.
Väre is the new building for the school of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University and the opening of the building is on September 5th 2018.
The architecture of the Väre and new the School of Business building are both by Verstas Architects.

The wall in question is over 70 meters long concrete support wall and will be visible for both to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and to the School of Business.
Professor Juhani Vaivio will represent School of Business in the Jury.

This is a unique opportunity to get your fantastic ideas out, so please see more details and send your propositions to: https://wall-art.aalto.fi/